A Little About This Nerd.

So who is The Nourishing Nerd? And why do I nerd out on all things nourishing?

I wasn’t always like this. In fact, up until a few years ago I was pretty unhealthy. I (like most new moms) ate, slept, and showered whenever I had a few minutes to myself. What I chose to eat or when I chose to do it was simply me being on “becoming Mom” survival mode.


After the first year with my first son (when we found routines) I gained an interest in becoming more health wise. Not being healthy just for myself, but for my whole new family.

I started by taking a few nutrition courses I found interesting while the little guy napped. I felt this was my calling the more I got into it.

I got pregnant with my second son. With that pregnancy came many health concerns for the baby and myself. Anything I was trying to start was immediately placed on the back burner. This time around, it was a scary pregnancy. It came with its matching scary birth-story (you will read about soon). Which all lead into an agenda filled with what felt like a stream of endless appointments with many, many specialists.  In the thick of that first year with my second, I knew that is when I needed to get my health back in order, because he needed me.


I started working out regularly at home. I keened in on so much holistic knowledge, learned how to fuel my body with proper nutrition, slept properly when I needed it, and changed my lifestyle to a very proactive approach. I became overly enthusiastic about how positively it was impacting me. I wanted to learn more and share this with everyone! This is why I consider myself a nerd. I feel I always want to know the latest and greatest of how to better my wellness on many levels.

I want this to be a place where I can continue to share my journey. It will be my creative outlet to share health and wellness benefits. There’ll be a lot of  sharing about how I balance my life as a mother with two boys, a husband with food allergies, health scares, and how I always find a reason/cause and turning that into something positive.


I hope that anyone that reads this tries to live a proactive lifestyle (rather than the reactive kind of fixing, medicating, and dieting way). We have but only one life in this one beautiful body. Let’s learn how we can treat it right. Amazing nutrition, staying active, laughing lots, and doing things that help each other grow is what we need to become the healthy human beings we are meant to be.



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