I’m simple. But I have been pampering myself more.

Wellness. You hear about it. You read about it. We all know it is something we strive for or try to work on. I thought wellness was about being really healthy, and fit. Well, that’s only part of it.

Wellness is all the other things that make us feel amazing. It’s about taking those afternoon naps. Or going out with friends with out kids and just laughing all night. It’s about having a glass of wine on your backyard deck with your spouse. Or it’s about splurging on something that makes you happy. That last point, I still struggle with.


I have incredible mom guilt when I do these things, especially when I buy myself something. I always want to buy for my boys or husband. Or if I do buy something, I go to a store that has crazy sales, and it is on discount. I am trying to get over buying because it’s on sale, and buy because I LOVE it instead.

Collage 2018-08-03 20_53_40

My news years resolution I made with a good friend, was to make it OUR year. Like as in treat our selves to things we normally wouldn’t. Saying YES to all the fun things we thought we were too busy or tired for because “we are moms”. Concerts, wine nights, rebel tribes, regular dinners out with friends, shopping trips, and massages. Don’t worry, I’m not blowing the family budget just on myself now, but I am starting to splurge on a vintage wine instead of the cheapest one with a fun label. I have a supportive husband that tells me to do even more.

Collage 2018-08-03 20_35_45

It is still a work in progress, but so far 2018 has been fun! If you are stuck in the “but I’m a mom, and I have young kids” part of life, well this too shall pass. My little ones are still young – 4 and 7 years old. But they are out of diapers, go to bed easily, and I’m not worried that they will escape out of the front door while the grandparents or babysitter is busy.


When getting out and saying YES to some events, I have truly gained some more wisdom, let loose being wild at times, and made so many awesome memories. I will continue to share more about my wellness journey and who I love that I am becoming.

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