Have you ever had a headache so bad it makes it hard to open your eyes? Or what about it impacting your vision? Or that it gives you nausea?


I used to think a headache like that wasn’t possible, but the last few years I have been suffering from migraines. They are mostly moderate, and I may have had a couple severe ones. Typically, it lasts a large portion of the day over half my forehead. I found out this year I am prone to getting ocular migraines, where it impacts my vision in one eye. You know when you come inside from being outside on a bright, sunny day, and it seems darker and takes a moment for your eyes to adjust? Ya, that’s what it looks like sometimes. The first one was scary, but I can almost feel it now before it happens, and I am trying to become more proactive to push off the migraine so it doesn’t impact my vision or day.




What I find helps is:

  • I drown it in water. I drink quite a lot the second I feel the throbbing or pulsing above my eye.
  • Peppermint Halo from Saje Wellness. I put it all over my hairline, forehead, and temples. It is magical. I did this today, and had very fast relief. https://www.saje.com/ca/saje-canada/peppermint-halo-4314.html
  • A walk in some crisp fresh air.
  • A nap. If I can’t sleep, just closing my eyes for 20 minutes relaxes everything going on up there.
  • If it’s a really bad one, then I take a couple of Advil.



Why do we get them? There are so many reasons medical professionals have determined what the cause may be. From my experience, I find it happens when pressure and weather changes. It might sound crazy, but I can feel it when we will get some rain or at least some dark cloud coverage. I also know if I am tired, and somewhat stressed out it can be triggered too.


The point of this blog is because I am starting to becoming more aware, in tune, and proactive of what causes certain illnesses or why I feel like the way I do at times. I hope that my experiences can help others to become aware of why they may feel the way they do. Let’s listen to our bodies.

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