My Top 8 Natural Cleaning Products

Over the last year I have become more aware of what chemicals are put into our every day cleaning supplies. I will be straight up honest, there are A LOT of dangerous toxins that we should not be using regularly… and we wonder why we have sudden illnesses, and disease… but I will leave that rant topic for another blog.

In the meantime, I want to share with you my favourite natural cleaning products.

1. Dish Soap – I love the Seventh Generation Fresh Lemon and Ginger Dish Liquid. There are no dyes or synthetic fragrances. Seventh Generation claims they only use ingredients that do not post any chronic health risk and are safe for the environment. I buy mine at and they often have amazing sales for these products.


2. Hardwood, or laminate floors – I use vinegar and water. I use it with a mop with a changeable, washable head. It is such a simple, cost effective way to keep my floors sparkling clean. Anyone else constantly wiping up muddy dog paw prints this spring? It works so well on that.

3. Kitchen counters – I have really enjoyed using some of my new essential oils in a spray bottle with a little vinegar and water. I love doTerra. I will be honest that I was skeptical and thought it didn’t matter what brands I bought (oh, but it does). The quality of these oils is far superior than any others I have ever tried. I’ll admit, I am hooked. I love using Lemon or On Guard for my kitchen counter cleaning spray.

4. Mirrors – I use the Lemon-Aide Glass Cleaner. Oh my goodness, it smells just like lemonade! I won a contest last year with through Maison Apothecare, and was so happy to try some of their home cleaning products. This one I fell in love with. I have restocked already, and know I will continue to buy it. I also love that it is made in Canada, and only in the next city to me.



5. Stainless steel sinks – You probably have these ingredients at home. Baking soda and vinegar. Yep, that’s it. I pour the baking soda in the sink, scrub it with a brush, and then I splash a little vinegar on it, scrub it again, and then rinse it all down with water. Sometimes I use a fresh lemon, cut it in half and rub it all around after I pour the baking soda. It makes my sinks so sparkling clean.

6. Shower – I love the Saje Bathroom Bright. It makes the shower smell and look so clean. I was skeptical of using more natural products to get the dirt and tough build up of this household with two boys, but it is a great product and Saje does the job!

7. Disinfectant – I am obsessed with On Guard essential oils blend from doTerra. I use it in my diffuser to help keep the sicky germs away, and I also put some in a spray bottle with water and vinegar to wipe faucets, and table tops. I also have on hand disinfectant wipes by Seventh Generation. They are my go-to for wiping down door knobs and the fridge.

images (1)

8. Hand soap – I make my own now! A friend of mine taught me how to use my doTerra oils and make some very nice smelling, and moisturizing foaming hand soaps. It is really simple – unscented liquid castile soap, fractionated coconut oil, water, and choice of essential oil. Some faves have been lemon with lavender, wild orange, lemon with peppermint, or again, On Guard. It is really cost and waste efficient too. I used to put out a new hand soap every week, now I just refill it every couple of weeks using the same bottle.

These products and tips are just suggestions and my personal experiences with them. I hope that whomever may be reading this, takes the time to do more research about their every day cleaning products, and source out some better options.



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